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iTouch 5 Release date and iOS 5

New Apple iTouch in white
iTouch 5 Release date is ….. well nobody knows it! Its all rumors and I am sorry to disappoint you, but I dont know the real release date too. Apple just launched their iPhone 4S and they might be busy around it. Fact is that all the previous versions of iTouch were launched in September and we all expected the iTouch 5 last month, but it didnt happend and with all the things going on with Apple and Steve Jobs we dont know… I hear some rumors we will see the iTouch 5 in a few weeks and some rumors say that they might miss this year and launch it in 2012.

Anyway Apple havent disappointed all their customers and launched a new Apple iPod Touch which can be upgraded to iOS 5. Its still the fourth generation model, but with new look – its also available in white and with upgrading to iOS 5 you get access to 200 new features, including iMessage for free text messaging between iOS 5 devices, Notification Center for streamlined alerts, an improved Game Center, Twitter integration, and more. Another new software update is  iCloud. Thanks to iCloud, your iPod touch has an even tighter bond with your Mac or PC (and your iPhone or iPad). iCloud stores your music, apps, games, latest photos, and more and makes them accessible on your other devices. And it keeps your email, contacts, and calendars up to date across them, too. It’s all automatic. There’s no syncing required, no management required, no anything required. iCloud does the work for you. Read more about the new iTouch or GET IT RIGHT NOW FOR ONLY $199 .

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